Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to comment

So I appologize again on the confusion with commenting. When I created this blog I did not realize only google and blogger members could comment. So I have created an account for everyone to use and it will make it simpler. When commenting on my blog there is a drop down box and you should select google account. It will then ask for you to sign in. The username/email is mrha1850@gmail.com and the password is milwaukee road. All comments will show up as the user mrha so it would be great if you left a name at the end of the comment, unless you would like to remain nameless. You can also go to blogger.com and sign in with the username and password. I have already added this blog to the page so right when you sign in my blog should be a member you are following. For some that might be easier. Which ever way you to choose will work. I hope the commenting problem is solved and if anyone has any questions feel free to email me at jennbahr@siu.edu

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