Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Articles and more

For the last week I have been working on my articles a lot. I wrote my second article, which focuses on the archives again, but more detail on the great volunteers we have. There has been several drafts already, but it's on the way to being a great article. The second article will be published in the staff news here, at the Milwaukee Public Library. Hopefully staff at the library will learn a little more about the amazing Milwaukee Road collection. It was realized that a lot of library staff and volunteers are unaware of the archives collection or what it even is; as Chris referred to the archives as "a hidden gem." I'm also working on a similar article to go on the library website so all may see. I have also gotten some really great feedback from my first article and it is in the final stages of being complete. The plan is to have the article published in next months Hiawathagram. This is really exciting news for me since it will be my first ever published article. I have also been working hard on ideas for a poster for TrainFest and other conventions. I came up with some great ideas that Chris was happy with, I may even be able to do both. I hope my posters are able to wow and attract people so more attention may be paid to the Milwaukee Road and Archives. So the next step is finding all the supplies to put my ideas into action. This will be my favorite part because I really like the creating process. By far the most exciting part though will be looking for photos to use on the poster. I always love seeing how amazing the trains and depots were, it is so fascinating. For the last two days I have been working on more railroad drawings, trying to help Nicole with the large amount of stuff to file and make her job a bit easier. I really enjoy working with the drawings due to how interesting and the history associated with each drawing. I also want to thank everyone to reads and comments on my blog. The comments I have received on here or through e-mail have been great, whether good or bad. This is a learning process for me and all kinds of feedback is helpful.


  1. These blogs are excellent...I really enjoy reading them.
    I found an interesting publication you might submit an article to - It is the Wisconsin Historical Society bimonthly periodical "Columns". This month had the Great Circus Parade on the cover. Their website is wisconsinhistory.org - I would love to read one of your articles about the Milwaukee Road some time!!

  2. Found this site from the Lines West blog.

    Looking forward to any future posting you might make. Be sure to check out my blog, which occasionally features the Milwaukee Road out in central Washington state: http://sdp45.blogspot.com/