Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank You!

First I would like to start off by saying sorry for the length between the blog updates.  A lot has happened since my last update in July.  I have worked on and finished the posters to be used at Train Fest and other conventions.  I made two posters, which both focus on the years of the Milwaukee Road, but each contains a seperate color scheme.  My internship ended the middle of August so I could prepare for going back to school.  I was able to also go on a nice vacation to Las Vegas before heading back to school.  I have added a photo at the end of the blog of my trip. I started classes the end of August and am about to start my 4th week.  Already I have seen changes in my skills due to the internship.  From writing my articles this summer many of my teachers have noticed an improvement and are happy with what I have learned.  Not only have my writing skills improved, but my knowledge of an organization has as well.  In class I talk about the great opportunity I was given this summer.  Everyone seems to be impressed and interested on what I did, since it is such an unknown thing.  Working in the Archives has opened my eyes to non-profit work and might be a field I would like to do again.  Talking with other students about their internships I have noticed I was given more responsibilities and treated as an employee, not just another intern.  I have shed a lot of light on the Milwaukee Road and the Archives since my short time back at school.  Next week I will be giving a speech about the Archives, I've already gotten a lot of interest towards the topic from my teacher.  I can only hope the students will be as interested too.  All the experience I've obtained from the internship has also given me some great opportunities this semester.  I was asked to join a student run public relations firm here at Southern Illinois University where I will work with clients from the community.  This is a huge opportunity for me and I can only thank my internship for it.  I also was invited to the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference in San Diego this year.  This will be in November, where other students and me will represent our school.  Universities from all over will be there, along with employees from well known PR firms.  I will be able to talk about my great internship and hopefully do some networking towards a future job.  My summer internship has really helped open a lot of doors for me and I could not be more thankful.  Virginia and Chris were great mentors in helping me with all my projects and articles.  Whenever I needed them they were there to help and give advice.  Also without Nicole Johnson I would have been lost, she really taught me a lot about the railroad drawings and about things within the Archives.  I was also able to meet some great volunteers that made my days within the Archives wonderful.  This internship probably would not have been possible without my grandparents.  Who expressed the need for someone to bring attention to the Archives.  I can only hope that what I did this summer meets the expectations of everyone, especially MRHA.  I thank all the members for their support and Bob Storozuk, who I had the pleasure of meeting.  I hope to meet many of the members at Train Fest in November.  However, I am unaware if I will be able to make it home due to a very busy semester at school.  I will be going back to the Archives in October to check and make any final changes to my posters and do any last minute projects that need to be completed.  For those who have expressed the desire to read my articles I will either post them here or let you know where you can locate them.  Also I will post pictures of my posters after Train Fest for people who are not able to go and see them.  So please check back in the future for any extra news I have about pictures, articles, or any good news about the Milwaukee Road Archives and myself.  Again thanks to everyone at the Archives, all MRHA members, and everyone who has read my blog.  I can not thank you enough for the opportunities I have been given due to the internship.  I know my experience this summer not only has instilled knowledge within myself, but others from my knowledge.  I know I have grown so much  since I began and I know after graduation in May that many doors will continue to open.  And last minute news, I have heard that there is already someone interested in interning for the 2010 summer.  So it seems like a new trend has begun.

  This is me while in Las Vegas on a Zip Line tour in Bolder City.

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  1. Great job Jenn, we are so happy you chose to do this internship, the benefits were to all sides, you learned so much and at the same time the Milwaukee Collection, staff and Mrha will benefit from your work in many ways. Look forward to reading your articles and seeing your display at Trainfest in Milwaukee.
    Grandma and Grandpa